Solatube Southwest is a CommonSense UK company,
the approved installer for
Solatube light pipes in the south west
covering Somerset, Devon, Dorset,
Cornwall, Wiltshire and beyond



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Solatube  Southwest

Make it as bright inside as the daylight outside.

  • Solatubes pipe incredibly bright daylight down a reflective tube to light up dark interiors in the home, at the office and workplace too.
  • Equivalent to between a 60-200w light bulb; or  as much light as a window several times its size - just watch our video.
  • Brighten up kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, offices, factories and warehouses.
  • Solatube - the world's leading daylighting system, as seen on TV's Grand Designs and The Restoration Man.
  • Add value and appeal to your property.

ALSO save up to 80% on bills when you upgrade to LED lighting at

  • Replacing old and costly lamps, bulbs and tubes is a simple solution that brings large savings using the latest in low energy and LED lighting technology.
  • Simple and affordable common sense solutions, click here for more on LED lighting.

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